Scale to $20k Months

The 3-step blueprint to 01 making the money you want in your nutrition business and 02 confidently helping your clients achieve life-changing results.

This Live Workshop is for nutrition business owners who want to change lives and build wealth…without burning themselves out.

Imagine what it would be like to

confidently charge what you want (without any guilt), knowing your ideal clients can’t wait to pay you because your work changes their lives.

But you’re stuck…
  • Unsure on what to charge for your services or program

  • Afraid people won’t buy if you raise your prices

  • Questioning if your services are valuable enough

  • Feeling pressure to promise results

  • Fearful more money equals more stress & work

  • You want to raise your rates, but aren't sure what to charge.

Keep reading if you want to 01 make more money and 02 a bigger impact (without the overwhelm)

Welcome to your new normal

Confidently charging what your offers are really worth

Payment notifications from clients who can’t wait to work with you

Watching your bank account grow without needing to work more

DMs full of clients saying “how can I work with you??”

Building wealth for you and your family beyond your wildest dreams

It's time for slow mornings
and full bank accounts.

pull up a seat—we're going there.


Scaling your practice to $20k Months

The 3-step blueprint to building the wealth you want in your nutrition business and confidently helping your clients achieve life-changing results.
Presented by Robyn Spangler and Cierra Robbins

Join us live on Wednesday, March 27 at 12PM CST / 1PM EST:

  • Three phases to scaling without the burnout (cuz ew)

  • The most important business system (it's not your email list)

  • Raising your rates & creating no-brainer offers

  • Creating your booked-out sales strategy

After 01 scaling our nutrition businesses to 6-figures, 02 mastering our own money mindsets, and 03 helping hundreds of other practitioners do the same, we knew more dietitians and nutritionists needed this powerful knowledge.


Robyn Spangler

Functional Dietitian &
multi-passionate entrepreneur

Founder of NBR, FNPI, CSL, and RAYVI

Cierra Robbins

Dietitian turned sales &
launch expert for nutrition businesses

Founder of RBNS.CO, Sell Better, and BFB