The Sell Better workbook is amazing and Cierra gives so many example hooks. I finally feel like I’ve found my way with selling again.

Cierra has been such a blessing for calming my anxiety around sales. She provides validation and simple, actionable tweaks where needed.

I had 6 sales within the first hour of doors being open!

WTF have I been doing all this time? Sell Better has helped me create a flawless DM strategy that works!

Now that I see it working so easily, it’s fun! I want to 10x the content output.

I don’t have time for a ten hour course. Sell Better is concise, practical and so enjoyable to listen to.

I love to listen to Cierra talk about selling. It always makes sense and is so effortless. I always end feeling inspired.

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I got 40 applications in 24 hours from ONE post. Sell Better has helped me realize that I can make all the money I want.

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Using the Sell Better method, my reels brought in 5x the leads I normally get in a week!

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I sold 34 spots on the first day of my launching my course!

Just started Sell Better and I’m loving it!

From zero engagement to WOWZA!

Going through the Sell Better course, not only have I had so many ah-ha moments, but I’m actually excited to post on social media

Sell Better was the thing my business was missing! Creating content has gotten so much easier and I’m not dragging my feet posting anymore!

I got 75 new leads from 1 reel!

After implementing what I learned in Sell Better, I got 10 applications in 5 days and my IG content is on fire!

I have so many ideas flowing now!

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Sell Better has helped me control the conversation in my DMs vs. just letting people ask me a million questions.

I no longer have analysis paralysis during content creation and DM convos. Sell Better is such a time saver!